Hangry Cooking Terms Dictionary How to fold and what does it mean to fold when cooking?

How to fold and what does it mean to fold when cooking?

Become a professional at folding in cooking, and especially baking, and you will be able to make the most delicious recipes!

Folding is a technique in cooking and baking where two mixtures of different thicknesses and weights are combined into one smooth mixture.

The lighter mixture is usually placed on top of the heavier mixture, then the two are combined by using a spatula. Use the spatula to divide the mixture from across the bottom and up over the top. Continue this motion until the two mixtures are combined.

Why use the folding method?

The folding technique is used to trap air into bubbles in the mixture. And as a result, your baked goods will rise beautifully without any add-ins such as baking powder or baking soda.

Typical examples of recipes that make use of the folding method are soufflés and mousses.

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Video thanks to The Baker’s Almanac on Youtube: FOLDING TECHNIQUE for Cakes » tips & tricks

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