Hangry Cooking Terms Dictionary How to cream and what does it mean to cream when cooking?

How to cream and what does it mean to cream when cooking?

If you want the most velvety, soft, creamy texture for your desserts and other baked goods, the cream method is a winner.

Creaming is the process of blending butter and sugar together. This technique is usually used to smooth the mixture before adding other ingredients.

This method is most often used to make cake batters, cookie doughs and bread doughs. However, the biggest tip for making use of the cream technique is to let your butter reach room temperature before starting. If the butter is too cold it will make mixing it with the sugar more difficult and uneven.

Chef’s Tip

When you are ready to cream, start mixing the butter first. This way, when the sugar is added it has something to stick to and doesn’t spin out of the bowl.

Why use the creaming method?

Creaming butter helps blend sugar evenly, thus ensuring a creamy and not gritty texture. Creamed butter also holds air and helps baked goods rise.

Watch How to cream butter and sugar:


Video thanks to Blue Jean Chef on Youtube: How to Cream Butter and Sugar

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