Hangry Seafood
Cape Malay Pickled Fish

No Bake Cape Malay Pickled Fish

Make the perfect pickled fish with this Cape Malay recipe that bursts with flavor! Full of spices such as coriander, allspice and cloves.

Thai Green Pork Curry

Authentic Thai Green Prawn Curry

If you feel like you’re a little flu-ish or perhaps you’re just in the mood for something delicious, this Thai Green Prawn Curry is a winner.

Biryani Haddock One-pot Surprise

Haddock Biryani One-pot Surprise

Filled with a fruity and tangy flavour palate, this Biryani Haddock is a fun recipe that will excite your tastebuds and your guests!

Tuna Pâté

Tuna Pâté

Store bought pâté can taste bland and quite obviously from the grocery which is why making your own tuna pâté is simply a no brainer.

Steamed Hake with potatoes

Steamed Hake with Potatoes

If you’re looking for a healthy yet tasty meal to make on a weeknight for dinner, look no further than this steamed hake with potatoes recipe

Green Pork Curry

Green Prawn Curry

No matter where you find yourself around the globe, this green prawn curry promises to always warm you up and is the ultimate comfort food.

Thai Fish Green Curry

Thai Fish Green Curry

The first word which comes up after hearing the name of Thai fish green curry is succulent because the dish is so juicy, tender, and full of flavors.