Hangry Cooking Terms Dictionary How to Use Fond and what does it mean to Use Fond when cooking?

How to Use Fond and what does it mean to Use Fond when cooking?

Using fond is an easy method to enhance any almost dish. You simply need to deglaze your pan to unlock those deep, rich flavours.

The word fond, comes from French, and is a term used to describe the browned residue of food that remains in the bottom of a roast pan or skillet after meat or vegetables have been cooked.

Like stock, it is used in preparing sauces and bases for other foods. With the purpose of enhancing the taste of meals with a richer and more complex set of flavours.

To loosen the fond from the bottom of the pan and unlock its flavours, you will need to deglaze the dish before adding your base ingredients. Deglazing involves adding a little liquid to the dish and heating it up while scraping the fond off the bottom and stirring it into the liquid.

Chef’s Tip

You can use almost any liquid for your deglazing. However something vinegar based, such as a wine, would work best for loosening those tasty food particles.

Why use Fond?

Within the fond left from a dish, there are numerous delicious flavours that have developed during the browning process. Harnessing these rich tastes is the best way to ensure your sauce or next dish is extra flavourful. Plus, why let all that yumminess go to waste?

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Video thanks to Kraft Canada Cooking on Youtube: How to Deglaze

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