Hangry Cooking Terms Dictionary How to Dissolve and what does it mean to Dissolve when cooking?

How to Dissolve and what does it mean to Dissolve when cooking?

Dissolving a dry ingredient in a liquid one is more often than not an important step in a recipe that is not to be skipped.

To dissolve is the process of combining a dry ingredient with another, more liquid ingredient, to form a solution. In other words, you are thoroughly incorporating or mixing all of the dry ingredient, such as salt or sugar, into a fluid ingredient.

This method is a very useful and effective mixing technique. As a result you will find it applied in a wide variety recipes.

Chef’s Tip

To improve the effectiveness of your dissolving technique it is best to research methods depending on what your ingredients are. Each different dry or fluid component will have different rules as to how to best combine them to create a solution. For example, when dissolving yeast in water it is best the water is slightly warmed.

Why Dissolve Ingredients?

There are various reasons as to why one would need to use the method of dissolving. Sometimes you just need to mix your ingredients as evenly as possible. In which case it is often best to dissolve a dry ingredient in one of the liquids being used in the recipe.

Whereas in other instances the dissolving plays an integral role in the cooking or baking process. Such as with yeast, which requires dissolving in water prior to making a dough in order to starts the fermentation process. Some also say that dissolving yeast will ensure the granules are not encapsulated. Allowing it to access the flour in your dough for food.

Watch How to Dissolve Yeast in Water:


Video thanks to Everyday Dishes on Youtube: How to Activate Dry Yeast

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