Hangry Cooking Terms Dictionary How to mix and what does it mean to mix when cooking?

How to mix and what does it mean to mix when cooking?

To mix is to combine ingredients together, either by hand or by an electric mixer. And within mixing, there are 3 other methods that can be used.

To mix in cooking or baking is to stir or put together more than one ingredient. This method can be done by hand with a spoon, or by using an electric mixer.

There are three more mixing methods that certain recipes call for. These methods are folding, beating and stirring. The way one method is chosen all depends on the texture and consistency that the desired ingredients need to be. For example, when making meringues, the folding method will be used in order to create more air bubbles in the mixture.

We have given a video below that demonstrates how to fold, beat, and stir ingredients.

Learn the difference between these mixing methods below:


Video thanks to ALWAYS EAT DESSERT on YouTube: Mixing Methods in Baking: How to Fold, Beat, & Stir

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