Hangry Cooking Terms Dictionary How to score and what does it mean to score when cooking?

How to score and what does it mean to score when cooking?

When a recipe instructs you to "score", it is referring to making shallow cuts on the surface of the food before cooking it.

To score food is a cooking technique used to make shallow cuts in the surface of meat, fish and bread.

The knife only needs to go about 1/4 inch (±0.5 cm) deep into the surface. It is important to use a sharp knife when practising this method, as a dull knife will leave ragged edges.

Scoring is usually done in a crosshatch pattern, and from there chopped aromatics (garlic, ginger, etc.) can be placed into the cut meat.

Why use the scoring method?

The scoring method is not only visually pleasing but it actually serves a purpose! When you score the meat it results in a greater surface area exposed to the heat. And this leads to more even cooking of the meat.

Scoring also helps with the absorption of flavour when marinating, and allows fat to drain from the meat whilst cooking.

This method is most often used with dishes such as pork or steak.

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Video thanks to NibbleMeThis on Youtube: How to “score” meat

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