Hangry Cooking Terms Dictionary How to emulsify and what does it mean to emulsify when cooking?

How to emulsify and what does it mean to emulsify when cooking?

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If a recipe instructs you to emulsify ingredients, it means to combine two ingredients together that don’t ordinarily mix easily. These ingredients are usually a fat or oil (olive oil), and a water-based liquid (vinegar, broth, water).

In order to get these two opposite ingredients to mix, vigorous whisking is needed. However, this is not enough. It doesn’t matter how hard you whisk, these ingredients will never stay uniform unless an emulsifier is added to the mixture.

What are emulsifiers?

Emulsifiers are particles where one end is attracted to water and the other is drawn to oil. They can be proteins, diglycerides, monoglycerides, or tiny cell fragments.

And the best part is, you probably have emulsifiers in your cupboard. Common ones are egg yolks, butter, cheese, mustard, honey, tomato paste, miso and garlic paste.

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Video thanks to Serious Eats on Youtube: The Food Lab: Emulsions | Serious Eats

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