Hangry Cooking Terms Dictionary How to blend and what does it mean to blend when cooking?

How to blend and what does it mean to blend when cooking?

Blending is a cooking method where more than one ingredient is combined, and it can be done by hand or electrically.

To “blend” means to combine two or more ingredients. It can be combined or “blended”, either by hand or with an electric mixer or blender. This method is done until the mixture is smooth and uniform in texture, flavour, and colour.

In today’s world, most people will be making use of an electric blender. A top tip for using a blender is to make sure that your mixture has enough liquid. This will ensure that the motor of the blender doesn’t burn out because it is struggling to blend.

We will also suggest blending any hot mixtures with caution. If possible, let the mixture cool off for a bit. However, if you cannot wait, make sure to blend the mixture in small amounts at a time. Never fill your blender jug more than halfway with hot ingredients. Safety first!

We have given a video below that demonstrates a few tips on how to blend food safely.

Learn how to blend safely:


Video thanks to YUM on Youtube: How to Blend Food Safely

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