Hangry Cooking Terms Dictionary How to Broil and what is Broiling when cooking?

How to Broil and what is Broiling when cooking?

Broiling, also referred to as Grilling in some countries, is something you do in your oven to cook food with direct heat to charr and caramelize them for flavours and texture.

Baking is not Broiling. Baking is a slower cooking process where Broiling is about searing the exterior of food.

You would typically place your meat or foods in a broiling pan in a very hot oven, somewhere in the 500-500 Farenheit or 250-280 degrees Celsius range.

Most countries refer to a Broiler as a Grill, yes it is the same thing but not to be confused with Grilling on a BBQ.

Thick cuts of meat would not be your first choice unless you want to reverse sear by broiling but thinner cuts like Hamburgers, Fish (Salmon, Tilapia etc), Pork tenderlion and boneless Chicken breasts are more suited to Broil.

Watch: Learn how to Broil in the Oven


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