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All of these dishes are actually creations of the population of Cape Malay slaves who were shipped to Cape Town by the Dutch during their earlier settlement in South Africa….

Before adding celery juice to your diet, don’t only question if it is healthy, but also ask yourself, is it healthy for me?

Potjiekos is an easy to make, traditional South African favourite. You may want to call it stew, but it is so much more!

There are many different ways to fry food and each method produces a different result that couldn’t otherwise be achieved.

Using fond is an easy method to enhance any almost dish. You simply need to deglaze your pan to unlock those deep, rich flavours.

Dissolving a dry ingredient in a liquid one is more often than not an important step in a recipe that is not to be skipped.

When a recipes instructs you to add a dash of something, it is actually referring to a more precise quantity than what you would think.

Using the cut-in technique to mix your fat and flour is the best way to ensure a perfect flaky texture for your pastry.

Bunny chow is an easy to make and versatile Indian style dish that is not only delicious but also has a story to tell.

Voted as the best diet to follow in 2022, the Mediterranean diet is full of nutritious and delicious ingredients with amazing health benefits.